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Jews in the Diaspora to Bennett: Don’t Divide the Kotel - Join them Today!

Over 140,000 Jews in the Diaspora (i.e. out of Israel) have called on Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to cancel the plan to divide the Kotel. After numerous grassroots requests, Am Echad provided a portal, which facilitates emails to the Prime Minister for those who have felt that their voice has not been heard until now. And the outcry has been enormous. From Lakewood to London, Mexico to Melbourne, and Toronto to Toulouse, Diaspora Jews have sent messages to Prime Minister Bennett urging him to not divide the Kotel. The Kotel Compromise Plan would have apportioned part of the Kotel plaza for “egalitarian services,” along with other significant changes at one of Judaism holiest site. This is due, in large part, to pressure from groups claiming to represent the interests of Diaspora Jewry. In a widely publicized video, those groups admitted to using the Kotel as a springboard for creating inroads against Jewish observance such as conversion, kashrus, Jewish marriage, and Shabbos. In response, Diaspora Jews the world over decided to set the record straight. They wrote to Prime Minister Bennett themselves, expressing their views on the Compromise. One email turned to two, and the trickle turned into an avalanche. As word got out about the ability to accurately express an opinion on the plan, the initiative swept the Jewish globe, and an unprecedented 140,000 phone calls and emails poured into Am Echad to be relayed to Israeli government. Immediately following the start of the email submissions, Prime Minister Bennett began to walk back the implementation of the “Kotel Compromise.” This would be welcome news, except that the reaction to these reports has been swift - the very movements who have prodded the government to adapt the plan in the first place have redoubled their efforts to have them implemented. The current instability of the governing coalition in Israel adds to the volatility of the situation. Now more than ever, you and your family can impact the future of the Kotel, the Kotel plaza and the unity of Klal Yisroel by going to or by calling 917-284-8144.

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