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One Kotel Campaign Materials

Thank you for joining the One Kotel campaign. On this page you will find all the materials you need to share the campaign with your friends and family.

The campaign lives at This is where you sign the petition to the Israeli government to preserve the sanctity of the Kotel.

Below are two fliers you can use to help spread the word. Note the two different headlines. Use what makes most sense to you. Click each flier to download a PDF version.

Below the fliers, we have an FAQ that answers questions about the situation in Israel and the campaign. Click the FAQ to download a PDF version.

What about social media? Click here and here for social media friendly versions of the One Kotel flier. And here is a helpful graphic telling your followers how to add each family member quickly and easily.

Click HERE for a Dropbox folder of all relevant materials.

See below for a recording of the webinar explaining the campaign and how to go about making a team.

Sample post/message you can use to share about this campaign (please feel free to modify):

There is a war going on in Eretz Yisroel now, mounted by the Reform and Conservative movements, with the aim of diluting the Jewish character of society in Eretz Yisroel. The flashpoint of this conflict is revolving around the Kosel Plaza, where the government has agreed to a “Kotel Compromise” that would partition the Kosel to make a plaza for “egalitarian” mixed prayer services, and hand over a significant amount of control to the Reform and Conservative movements, among many other affronts to the Kedushas Hamakom, Rachmana litzlan.

But the truth is that this Kotel Compromise is symbolic of the incursion of the Reform and Conservative movements into all matters Jewish: They are attacking the standards of things like kashrus, geirus, ishus, Jewish education, and many more that speak to the essence of the standards of Yiddishkeit. (You can find out more about these issues by clicking here.)

The Reform and Conservative leadership in Eretz Yisroel and in the US is claiming, falsely, that all the Jews in chutz la’aretz are in favor of the anti-religious legislation. This is not true.

We have an opportunity to send this message, loudly and clearly, to Prime Minister Bennett: No! Jews in the Diaspora do NOT want this. We do NOT want to undermine halachah. We do NOT want the Kosel divided.

Please join me in sending this message. It will take each of you about one minute to enter your name, and your family members, at There is no charge or fee involved, and it will really make a difference. Also please share this message with as many of your friends and relatives to make a real impact and to share the strong voice of our community. This is a unique opportunity for a tremendous kiddush Hashem.

Thank you,


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