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Jaffa Gate

Upcoming Events

Save the date - July 5, 2021


Am Echad is pleased to present the Global Jewish Summit which will meet virtually on ____.

Long-term demographic changes, political turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic, and the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the face of Diaspora Jewry and Israel, presenting both communities with new frontiers.


What should be the response to the assault on religious freedoms?

What are the best strategies for creating Jewish engagement in the post-denominational reality?

How can Jewish communities cooperate to tackle shared challenges?

Israel and Diaspora Jewry - what are our expectations of each other?


Join prominent Jewish community leaders, policy trendsetters and scholars for a deep-dive into the new challenges and opportunities facing world Jewry in 2021.


Who will attend?

Global Jewish Summit attendees include  people from around the world who care about all aspects of Jewish life: greater engagement, the welfare of Israel, and the future of the Diaspora-Israel connection. They come from fields as diverse as policy, education, communications, and community activism.

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