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Our Mission

Am Echad aims to unite Jews from the Diaspora and Israel around the goals of preserving our 3,000-year-old heritage, deepening cooperation among our communities, and upholding Jewish interests in Israel and around the world. As “One Nation,” we are committed to our Torah, the security of Israel, and to loving all Jews. Am Echad advances this mission by fostering global Jewish dialogue, promoting public policy initiatives, and engaging in advocacy.

Where We Stand - Our Positions

Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion should be an unalienable right of every individual. For Jews, religious practice has been the bedrock of our national existence for over 3,000 years. Our rich tradition informs every facet of Jewish individual and communal life.


Preserving the ability of every Jew to observe the laws and customs of our tradition freely is a critical goal of Am Echad. We work with local Jewish communities around the world to stem attempts to infringe on religious liberties.

Israel’s Jewish Character

Israel is a democracy as well as a state for all Jews. These two formulations may sometimes seem contradictory, yet Israel has been able to maintain its democratic nature while serving as a haven for Jews all over the world. In fact, Israel has become a worldwide beacon of democracy without undermining its Jewish nature.


The religious status quo in effect at the founding of Israel has helped ensure the Jewish nature of Israel. Challenges to the status quo are divisive and threaten the delicate fabric of national unity.


More specifically, Israel recognizes every Jew as a part of the Jewish people, no matter their level of observance or affiliation. Yet, a single standard for personal status issues is the only way to maintain one Jewish Nation in Israel and abroad. Similarly, it is important that the integrity and long-standing tradition of the holy sites, such as the Western Wall, be preserved, and not co-opted as a platform for protests and demonstrations.

Israel-Diaspora Relationship

The Israel-Diaspora relationship is one of mutual commitment and responsibility. The Land of Israel is the ancestral home of all Jewish People and the overwhelming majority of Diaspora Jews feel a strong emotional connection to Israel and her citizens. They take avid interest in her political, security, and social developments, and are invested in Israel’s growing prosperity.

Am Echad is devoted to unwavering support for the security of Israel’s people, and her continued growth. It promotes these goals by engaging with thought leaders, influencers and elected officials, in Israel and around the world.


The disturbing rise in antisemitism around the world demands swift and decisive action.


Am Echad supports the universal adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism by all government and private bodies as an important first step in fighting the plague of Jew hatred, Holocaust denial and delegitimization of Israel.


While antisemitism is pervasive around the world, its local expressions range from inflammatory rhetoric to legislation targeting critical Jewish practices such as kashrut and brit mila  to physical attacks on Jewish people and Jewish institutions. 


Am Echad mobilizes a broad coalition of Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora and in Israel, working together in countering antisemitism through education, public discourse and advocacy.

Religious Freedom
Israel as a Jewish State
Israe- Diaspora Relations
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